Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

HECS - Daiki Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant:

This revolutionary technology is often referred to as 'Jhokasou' in Japan is designed to meet all customer requirements as well as meet regulatory standards. This product has been introduced to Indian markets by HECS, India in collaboration with Daiki Axis, Japan. It is technologically superior in every way to conventional sewage treatment plants and is also budget friendly.


This State of the Art Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant is designed by Daiki Axis, Japan and is tweaked for Indian Conditions and Statutory Norms.

Capital cost is lower in comparison to conventional RCC Sewage Treatment Plants for Small and Mid Range Packaged Plants.

Only maintenance required is Monthly removal of plastics and desludging every six months. Operators are not required for Small and Mid Range Packaged Plants.

These Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are designed to meet all parameters laid down by the MoEF & CC Standards

This Packaged Plant does not emit any smell except during maintenance. Sound is lower than 50db, similar to that of a mobile phone vibration.

The FRP tanks used are manufactured using state of the art machinery and are individually pre-tested to make it leak proof.

HECS-Daiki Packaged STPs vary from a flow rate of 1KLD/Day to 500+KLD/Day

Small-Size Johkasou

Small Size Johkasou (1KLD – 5KLD)

Ideal for villa’s, restaurants, public toilets, etc.

Mid Size Johkasou(10KLD – 50KLD)

Ideal for apartments, hospitals, office complex, etc.

Large Size Johkasou (50-500+ KLD)

Ideal for industries, townships, etc.

  • This System has three treatment processes compacted in “SINGLE TANK STRUCTURE”.

    First compartment is a primary collection compartment where solids and floating materials are retained. Then liquids pass through the Second compartment which is a Anaerobic chamber.

    Third compartment is the Aerobic Chamber, where aerobic-microorganisms develop through the use of fine bubble aeration and floating plastic media. This process provides an extremely robust means of treating Sewage especially for reducing ammonia .

    The only electrical component in the HECS-DAIKI STP is the Air blower.

HECS-DAIKI offers sustained solutions for special customer needs through a comprehensive range of services and innovative technologies.

We have followed the path not only of providing our customers with safe water, but also towards becoming an “eco-creation and development company” that protects the environments that water runs through, and these efforts will continue as we head toward the future. Among our wide range of products here we have joined our hands to DAIKI AXIS(JAPAN) to prevent the future water crisis .